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A Perfect Blend of Culture and Elegance: Priscilla and Akeem’s Boho-Chic Wedding at Roger Williams Botanical Gardens

In the heart of the picturesque Roger Williams Botanical Gardens in Providence, RI, a beautiful love story came to life as Priscilla and Akeem united their hearts in a wedding that perfectly blended their unique cultural backgrounds and personal style. As their wedding planner and designer, we at Voltaire Luxe Co., had the honor of bringing their vision to life, creating a captivating celebration that embodied their love, heritage, and the essence of boho-chic elegance. Priscilla, a radiant Ghanaian bride, and Akeem, a dapper African-American groom, chose to honor their roots by incorporating elements from both cultures into their special day. From the vibrant Kente cloth accents during the ceremony, every detail paid homage to their heritage.

The Roger Williams Botanical Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for this enchanting affair, allowing the natural beauty of the garden to seamlessly blend with the boho-chic theme. The choice of shades of nudes and browns set a warm and earthy tone, while delicate touches of gold added a touch of glam. The overall aesthetic was one of effortless elegance, as if nature itself had curated the decor.

Flowers played a central role in the wedding’s design, with a focus on nude and brown roses along with the ethereal beauty of pampas grass. Our florist Sydney Smith Designs did an incredible job showcasing the boho theme. These floral choices not only matched the color palette impeccably but also captured the bohemian spirit with their free-flowing and romantic nature.

Priscilla and Akeem’s wedding at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens was a true testament to the power of love, culture, and creative design. The fusion of Ghanaian and African American traditions, paired with the boho-chic theme, resulted in an event that was not only visually captivating but also deeply meaningful. As a wedding planner and designer, I am honored to have been a part of this magical day, and I am reminded once again that love knows no boundaries and that beauty can be found in the harmonious blend of diverse elements.

Planning & Design: Voltaire Luxe Co.
Florals: Sydney Smith Designs
Acrylic Designs: Mel Andrade Designs
Rentals: Pranzi Rentals
Venue: Roger Williams Botanical Gardens, Providence RI
Photographer: Vaygsant Photography

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